WordPress.com and Blogger.com informal SEO and popularity study

October 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Curious about SEO and the consensus that WordPress.com beats Blogger.com even though Google owns Blogger and Google is synonymous with SEO.  Since I’ve never blogged before and have no Internet presence outside of Facebook’s blue-walled vacuum, I’ll use my own content on both platforms as the sample.  My parameters:

I registered for both free blogging platforms close to the exact same time – wordpress followed by blogger a few minutes later.

I’ll use the free plan for both – no domain mapping.  The sub-domains leveton.wordpress.com and leveton.blogspot.com are comparable.

I’m using the same display name and even the same internal email address for both.

If I link to a post, I’ll link to both platforms.

I’ll be publishing both posts so close to simultaneously that the difference will be negligible.

And, of course, the content and the content’s title will always be the same.  I’ll be posting Ruby on Rails and  Node.js tutorials so I should see some hits.


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